Magazine Issue: Sept/Oct 2012

Working on the Future

By Editorial Team

Wait for politicians to solve the economic crisis? No thanks. Some Greeks are doing it for themselves.

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  1. Congratulations to the Greeks !!!
    A project with similar objectives is happening in my hometown of Pleasant Hill, CA. I just hope it will have enough experience, resources and participants to make a change before the shit hits the fan in our own country. It will be better to make the transition before the misery quotient of this great country reaches that of Greece.
    Feel free to join us…

  2. Great article. I believe that the solution world wide will come in that form. We don’t need politicians. We need co-operation and caring. I hope the US finally wakes up.

  3. I just wanted to comment on what Kanellopoulou said, “When things are free, it makes people greedy…” I don’t think that is true. When you provide things for free to a group of people who aren’t getting their basic needs met and are coming from a place scarcity and fear of not having enough, then yes, they will do whatever it takes get their needs met. But if people aren’t wandering where their next meal, or warm clothing or shelter is coming from, you will find people less “greedy”.

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