Magazine Issue: Oct/Nov 2011


The power of strangers

By Editorial Team
People are getting back to groups—from niche hobby clubs to mass political protests—changing lives and communities in the process

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  1. Great article. Lynn McTaggert's book 'The Bond' speaks of community and the importance of connection for each and every one of us. From our health to our sanity to our sense of contribution; building community has become something something of a lost art. And yet, I believe that people believe that have found a safe haven in the internet; don't have to 'show up' and can still be a part of something. They don't have to 'go out' and risk rejection, failure or embarrassment for saying the wrong thing, wearing the wrong gear... they can take more risks hiding behind their computers and then when people go out, they don't have the social skills that we used to have. Or maybe we have them, but just like anything else it's something that needs practice and hiding behind computer screens and iPhones has become the norm. On that note, I'm heading outside to catch up with my neighbours!

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