Magazine Issue: May/June 2012


The power of pronouns

By Editorial Team
How you change your mind when you choose your words.

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  1. I loved this article...interesting,informative ....and right on the spot for me....Always used writing as a therapy/ finding answers...(since preteen years)...until last year the experiment of writing 365 days of 2011...blogging... Learned a lot about myself...found perspective and ..I believe changed in the course of one year ( didn't end up filling up all days of 2011...still want to finish it....but found out ...sometime too good of a thing becomes not sooo Now I know ...writing will be a part of my activities/ life...I just didn't understand ...why I was doing it....felt it...but couldn't explain logically to others...why "the heck " would I made a promise to write for one year....;-) Thank you for lighting it up for me....since deep down I am quite logical....Great research.....Sharing it !!! :-)

  2. Thank you, Inge, for the fascinating article! I recently discovered Julie Cameron's "The Artist's Way," in which she urges readers to write three pages of stream-of-consciousness content at the beginning of each day. Her only rule is to keep writing until three pages are complete. These "morning pages" were somewhat difficult to implement, but they have been life-changing, with many of the effects mirroring those discovered in Pennebaker's studies. Hopefully Pennebaker's findings encourage more people to embark on exploring the powerful, and positive, impact such a simple act can have!

  3. Our hearts beat faster, stress hormones flow and metabolic and immune functions pause, all of which frees up maximum energy for survival.

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