Magazine Issue: Sept/Oct 2012


“The Mind is the Doctor”

By Editorial Team
Rob Williams and the art of nurturing positive, life-transforming beliefs.

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  1. I would like to learn more about your PSYCH-K . Do you teach on line?

  2. How and where do I purchase the video?

  3. What a remarquable article!
    It describes perfectly how PSYCH-K works. It is really a great method.

  4. Yes Rob, it works! It is so similar to the technique my friend Ramanarasimha and I, both in our 70s, deploy to help students and others to 'see' for themselves their future. We call it Transformational Guided Imagery, would love to share it with you, alas I don't your email id.

    Soundar Rajan,

  5. Bruce Lipton has been saying this for years and calls it epigenetics. Would have been good/important/ethical to see a nod or acknowledgement here from Mr Williams re all the precursors (including Lipton) to the theories behind his method.

  6. With all the controversy going on at this moment about an intrusive pharmaceutical industry, vaccine programs being forced upon our children and the sky-high costs of health insurance, it is high time.

    Time to reclaim the responsibility for our own health. And that health starts in our own mind. That's our doctor!

    Thank you for this great article.

    And thank you Robin Williams for being one or your Psych-K facilitators.

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