Magazine Issue: December 2011


It’s good to give

By Editorial Team

Giving improves health, enhances communal bonds, spreads wealth—and best of all, it’s contagious.

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  1. Diana, I’ve been enjoying your work these past few months, this piece especially. I’m eager to see your piece on the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. Your recent post about pain and easing/breathing through it was quite striking as well. I’ve found myself looking forward to seeing what you write next. Warm best, Rebecca

  2. “Giving doesn’t only strengthen social bonds and make you feel good—it can also measurably impact your health, both physical and mental”

    I love this article very much. The giver and receiver and those witnessing get those “endorphins and seretonin” up!

    :) We need more writing like this in our world!

  3. I’ve been on both the receiveing and giving end of people when it comes to many things. I myself have a giver for 50 years, and though I don’t have much materially, I am happier than most people I know who have a lot of stuff. Yes, I could always ask for others to give more, because you are Blessed more in giving than receiving, but I would ask, that when you see a need, don’t hesitate to give, some day YOU may be the one who needs to be given too.

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