Magazine Issue: September/October 2013


“You have to believe it”

By Alexander Dekker

The story of Alexander Dekker, a "stubborn patient" who recovered from a brain tumor in his own personal way. "If this is possible, everyone should know about it." As told to Elleke Bal

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  1. Wonderful and inspiring story Alexander. I find your statement that “you can have a happy childhood” quite intriguing. Being relinquished for adoption at birth with my twin sister has left me with PTSD disease. I lost my twin sister, whom I was lucky enough to grow up with, to cancer last year. The grief is debilitating. I feel you could better help me in person than on Skype. Is there any one you could refer me to in Fort Collins Colorado? Much obliged, Julie

  2. I am a doctor of education. Today, it is rare that I read an article to the end absorbing each sentence with the eagerness to read on. Thank you for this inspiring article. I would like to know more because I am working with people with misdiagnosed diseases and debilitating symptoms. I also work with people who need to direct their mind over matter and breakthrough emotional roadblocks. All the Best, Nancy

  3. Like Mr. Dekker, during my teens, I too found myself in a pretty hopeless situation. I had been placed in an asylum for the mentally ill… and were it not for 3 intense spiritual interventions, I think I would have remained there for life… But over a period of years, I experienced dying 3 times… After my experiences on the other side, I discovered that my mind had opened to new possibilities and my intentions were aimed in a new direction. I escaped from the institution, embarked upon a path of healing and forgiveness, and watched everything about my life change for the better.
    Rather than a static system available to be attacked by outside forces, I’ve come to realize how dynamic we truly are, and how capable we are to work with our maladies. In my case, by choosing to enter the most frightening feelings and states of mind, I witnessed incredible personal transformation that has rid me of the most pernicious symptoms and opened me once more to the beauty of life.
    sincerely, Lawrence

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