What is The Intelligent Optimist?

The Intelligent Optimist is a community centered around a magazine, a website and online events and courses. We focus on the people, passion and possibilities changing our world for the better. We celebrate people making a positive difference in their communities, their countries, their businesses. Our philosophy is to embrace the passion behind new ideas that inspire innovative solutions to some of our greatest challenges. The Intelligent Optimist explores the possibilities generated by fresh perspectives on everything from technology to health and the human spirit. We present intelligent optimism as a path to happier, healthier lives in a better world.

Our community consists of readers, visitors, members and participants who are authentic and engaged; they are as passionate about their inner lives as they are about making the world a better place. Members of The Intelligent Optimist are conscientious and committed; they make purchasing decisions based as much on ethical and environmental values as on economic value. They are intelligent and optimistic; they believe in positive, sustainable change and are engage in making it happen. They are “cultural creatives,” a market share made up of 50 million people whose purchasing decisions are guided by ethical and environmental concerns. According to the Natural Marketing Institute, the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) sector is worth more than $209 billion in the U.S. alone.

The challenges facing our societies, our ecosystems and ourselves are enormous. Now more than ever, we need an alternative to the mix of celebrity fluff and doom-and-gloom the traditional media serves up. We need a new media space in which to read about good news rather than bad, solutions rather than problems, inspiration rather than desperation. The Intelligent Optimist pioneered that media space. Now, we’re taking it mainstream.

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