Magazine Issue: May/June 2012


A seat at the table

By Editorial Team
Thinking through food can help us ground our values because food is the perfect metaphor for life.

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  1. Seat at the table is kind of culture. It reflects the tradition. You should obey the tradition.

  2. One of the most lucid, grounded, fresh essays I've read in a long time. Ms. Steel is not "merely" an architect or writer about food and society, but a renaissance woman. As a fellow author who has given some thought to the "good life" and what that represents, I find her views valuable, and based on a broad-based understanding of philosophy, with a good helping of common sense.

  3. Brillant piece! I totally get your lament, but I have to say that I see the cup as half full. The world is full of good cheer. People are living longer, war is not a constant, there are more scientists alive today than in the entire history of the world put together, and millions of people are being lifted out of poverty each year. We can of course do more, the job is half done at best! But let's not forget where we came from, even 30 years ago.
    The next great awareness program is on preventive health, particularly in lowering our body fat and inflammation. I am an activist and advocate for this. Please have a look at my blog

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