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Essential Oils

8 uses for essential oils you didn’t know about

Essential oils have been used for centuries, but here are 8 you didn't know about.

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Warrior to Artist

From Warrior to Artist: How Soldiers Are Tapping Into Unimagined Creativity

Combat Paper uses art to help war veterans overcome their post-traumatic stress disorder.

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How to solve your nutritional dilemma

World famous health expert Ashley Koff RD, explains how to solve the most common nutritional problems.

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Wind Turbines

The world's biggest dragonfly

The Libellula wind turbine is small, lightweight, and one generates enough electricity to power 15 households.

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Lucid Dream

Awake inside your dream: lucid dreaming

Ever wanted to take control of your dreams? That's called lucid dreaming, anyone can do it by following these steps.

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